Lotus & Heart Sutra Ring - Purity, Wisdom, Mindfulness

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The teachings of the Buddha, engraved in a pure silver ring that lasts a lifetime.

On the outer side of this ring, you'll find the engraved symbol of the lotus flower. The lotus is known as the "flower of heaven". It is a sign of purity and its unfolding petals, the expansion of the soul.

Turn to the inner side of the ring, and you'll find the complete inscription of the heart sutra. The Heart Sutra is the single most commonly recited, copied and studied scripture in Buddhism. It is the essence of Buddha's teachings.

You will find yourself marveling at the intricate engravings as you swivel the ring around through your fingers. Its polish surface captures light easily which in turn, accentuates the engravings in even finer detail. 

This ring is made from pure silver, so it will last you a lifetime. It doesn't rust, even if you expose it to water or humidity. Fully adjustable size ensures a snug and comfortable fit on any finger you choose to wear it on. 

Wear this ring and let it be a constant reminder to always seek wisdom and compassion.

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